international cat day

On August 8, we will celebrate the international cat day ! This special day is a unique opportunity to spend (even more) time with your cat. It is also a great opportunity to raise awareness about the protection of felines, to promote the adoption of abandoned cats or to support animal associations dedicated to the … Read more

Cat urinary tract infection: all you need to know!

A urinary tract infection is a common health problem in cats. It causes pain and requires a veterinary consultation. Discover the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures! The causes of a urinary tract infection in cats Urinary tract infection in cats can have different causes. It is necessary to consult a veterinarian. A urinary … Read more

world pet abandonment day

On Saturday June 24, 2023, the world day against animal abandonment of company. This date was not chosen by chance: it is the last weekend of June with the start of the summer holidays which are conducive to the abandonment of pets! world pet abandonment day A day of fight against abandonment to mobilize all … Read more