2 holiday notebooks on the cat to have for this summer

Do you want to have an occupation during the months of July and August? Discover both cat holiday notebooks to absolutely have in your suitcase before the start of the summer holidays!

On vacation with my dog ​​and my cat

cat holiday notebook

The book “On vacation with my dog ​​and my cat” from Plon editions makes it possible to satisfy the occupations of a cat and dog owner! Indeed, this holiday book contains tips, crosswords and other games on the two species. The little extra: this book has precious advice from the famous Miss Véto, alias Dr Lætitia Barlerin.

My special cat holiday notebook

cat holiday notebook for adults

The book “My special cat holiday notebook” Rustica editions contains more than 100 games, charades, coloring, sudokus, rebuses, quizzes and word grids. Entirely dedicated to cats, this inexpensive holiday book can satisfy the occupation of a feline owner throughout the holidays.It has a practical small format that can be slipped into a beach bag.

Why take an adult vacation book?

A holiday notebook for adults makes it possible to acquire new skills or to deepen knowledge in different domains. Holidays are often a time to relax and have fun. This book can provide recreational activities to entertain you while keeping your mind active.

If you plan to travel during your vacation, a vacation notebook can also be a pleasant way to keep you busy during the trip. You can take advantage of this time to learn, solve puzzles or simply have fun with activities adapted to your interests, namely cats!

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