6 tips to keep the cat away from the Christmas tree

Know that it is possible to preserve the Christmas tree and its decorations from the daily attacks of the cat. Discover 6 tricks very useful to protect the Christmas tree of your cat !

Cat Christmas Tree Tips

6 tips to keep the cat away from the Christmas tree

The cat is a curious animal. The Christmas tree is the attraction of this end of the year for him! It would be a shame to drop it or even worse, that your pet has an accident. Discover my 6 tips to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree!

Installing the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree should be installed in a empty place away from furniture that could serve as a diving board for your cat.

Choose plastic decorations

It is not recommended to decorate your tree with Christmas with glass suspensions. The risk of breakage is on high alert! Prioritize Christmas decorations plastic because they can bounce on the floor and not hurt your cat.

  • Place them at a certain height in the tree to prevent him from catching them with his paws!

Wrap the trunk of the tree with aluminum foil

You can wrap the foot of the tree with aluminum foil. Cats don’t like this texture and the noise it makes when they place their pads on this material.

A natural repellent with citrus fruits

It is possible to put around the tree citrus peelings (clementines, oranges…). The cat does not really appreciate this acid smell. Remember to renew the peelings every day! Fruit is in season…that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Lemongrass on fir branches

As you know, the cat does not like citrus smells. You can spray lemongrass on the branches of the tree to repel your pet.

A hiding place for gifts

Shelter all Christmas presents because the cat will love playing with gift wrap, beautiful ribbons and bows! Seven years ago, when Oliver was little, she had scratched a part of the paper of a present… She had a lot of fun!

The choice of the Christmas tree when you have a cat

The cat and the Christmas tree

If you want to stay in the tradition of the natural tree, I advise you to choose a tree that does not lose its needles. Avoid taking a Spruce because it scatters its needles all over the accommodation! The cat may ingest it or prick a pad.

Opt for a tree Nordman who has a good hold of his needles!

The other solution is to choose a plastic tree. But beware of the metal rods that can hurt the cat if it bites the branches! After several years with a natural tree, I opted for a plastic tree that I bought from Gifi.

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