Advent calendars for cats: which one to choose for Christmas 2022?

In order to celebrate Christmas as it should be, it’s time to choose a Advent calendar for his cat ! This is an end-of-year gift to keep your pet waiting until December 24.

christmas tree cat

Advent calendars for cats: my selection for Christmas 2022

There are a multitude of advent calendars for cat… but then, which one to choose? Discover my selection of treats to please him until Christmas !

Vitakraft Advent Calendar

Advent calendar for cats

Each window contains a delicious treat (sticks, jellies, liquid treats…meat and fish) for your cat! This Advent Calendar Vitakraft offers delicious snacks for his 4-legged friend.

Trixie Advent Calendar

Advent calendar for cats Trixie

Fall for these delicious treats to keep your cat waiting until Christmas Eve! Behind each box of the Trixie Advent Calendar : stars, fish, flowers, meatballs… something to whet your cat’s appetite!

Purizon Advent Calendar

Advent calendar for cats 2022

THE purizon advent calendar consists of grain-free freeze-dried treats with meat, fish and liver. It contains natural, low-calorie flavors to help your cat maintain a healthy weight. 6,99€ - My Online Pet Shop

Multifit Advent Calendar

cat advent calendar

A perfect gift to make your cat wait until Christmas with these delicious treats (turkey and cranberry cushion, salmon cushion, dental stimulation and trio)! THE multifit advent calendar Maxi Zoo also has a big gate for December 24th. 4,99€

Cosma Advent Calendar

Advent calendar for cats 2022

The traditional cosma advent calendar is back ! Every year, my cats enjoy their delicious freeze-dried treats with a good taste of beef, tuna, chicken or duck. 5,99€ - My Online Pet Shop

Natural Multifit Advent Calendar

Maxi Zoo Cat Advent Calendar

Find in the multifit natural advent calendar, delicacies without added sugar or preservatives. It consists of various meat and fish varieties: duck, chicken & hake, chicken and chicken & cheese. 7,99€

Cupid & Comet Advent Calendar

Cupid & Comet Cat Advent Calendar

THE Advent Calendar Luxery Deli Cat with an elegant design consists of 4 types of treats to delight the cat’s taste buds (duck, chicken, salmon, duo of chicken and cheese). 9.79€

Bubimex Advent Calendar

Bubimex Cat Advent Calendar

The presence of 9 varieties of meat and fish treats allows you to vary the cat’s taste pleasures! THE Bubimex Advent Calendar brings comfort to the feline every day thanks to the delicious little treat. 10,99€

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