Cat teeth care: Perfect Fit treats!

Clean the teeth of a cat is not an easy thing… Chewing dry food helps clean food deposits stuck to the teeth. In supermarkets, I found a packet of treats “Daily Dental Care” from the brand Perfect Fit for my cats.

Cat's Teeth Perfect Fit Treats

Perfect Fit treats, oral care for cat teeth

THE Perfect Fit treats are chicken. They have a special texture with active ingredients (sodium tripolyphosphate and zinc). The formula is enriched with antioxidant green tea to take care of cat’s teeth daily. The treats are 13.5mm dimple shaped. They offer a oral care triple action:

  1. Tartar
  2. Plaque
  3. gums

Oliver and Pixel tested the Perfect Fit treats!

Both loved these dental treats ! Oliver and Pixel taste them after the morning meal or at the end of the afternoon. The healthy delicacies are without added soy and represent less than 2 kcal per piece. They are not suitable for cats under 12 months.

Why is it important to take care of your cat’s teeth?

Food residues are stored on the cat’s teeth. Dental plaque mineralizes and causes the installation of tartar, a green-yellow deposit. The presence of these bacteria in the oral cavity of the cat promotes the appearance of periodontal disease : bad breath, inflammation of the gums, loosening of the teeth…

To avoid this dental problem, it is advisable to have the cat’s teeth examined once a year by a veterinarian during the health check-up. As a preventive measure, you can brushing teeth of your animal with a toothpaste for animals, to give him dental treats and again provide him with a high quality dry food which will play a mechanical role (without forgetting a regular change of its water to ensure good hydration).

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