Coronavirus: disinfection of the house with Saniterpen!

For several years, I disinfect my house with the mark Saniter pen… products designed and manufactured in France and safe for my cats (animal environment). A new product has just been released: VirActive (effectiveness against coronavirus)!

VirActif Saniterpen Coronavirus

VirActif: the alternative to bleach to disinfect the house!

Range VirActive of Saniter pen certified Ecocert consists of cleaning products, degreasers, descalers, disinfectants for the human environment and animal habitat. It eliminates bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses (effectiveness covered on coronavirus) responsible for human or animal diseases.

Broad-spectrum disinfection including Coronavirus

VirActif offers a housing disinfection broad-spectrum: rabies virus, Bartonella sp bacteria, avian influenza virus, coryza and coronavirus. Original ingredients vegetable And mineral.

How to use VirActif Saniterpen products?

  • Use interior (kennels, garages, kennels…) and outside (cages, aviaries, chicken coops, hutches…).
  • Suitable for individuals (pet owners), breeders, veterinarians, grooming salon…

I have been using the Saniterpen brand for several years… as a ready to use spray to clean litter boxes or as a concentrate (perfuming detergent) to wash my floor. And I have never been disappointed! This morning, I washed the main rooms of my house and tested VirActif concentrate! The smell is very pleasant (smell of Landes pine). The product washes very well and leaves my floor shiny and disinfected.

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