Deworm your cat naturally with Vermiphyto

Deworm your cat a routine that should not be forgotten so that the animal remains in good health. Various dewormers are available in pharmacies, pet shops and veterinarians… Note that the Ultra Premium Direct brand also offers its natural dewormer based on extracts of plants !

Natural dewormer for cats

Internal parasites in cats

THE towards are called “the endoparasites of the digestive tract”. There are nematodes (roundworms) which have a shape of spaghetti. The adult worm lives in the digestive system of the cat.

  • Roundworms.
  • Hookworms.

There are also the cestodes (flatworms) which have a flattened shape. This tapeworm is called “dypillidium caninum“. The cat becomes infected by ingesting an infested flea.

When to deworm your cat?

  • There pregnant cat : before mating, 10 days before farrowing and during lactation (2nd and 4th week).
  • THE kitten 6 weeks old: once a month until 6 months old.
  • THE adult cat at each change of season if he has access to the outside. Only twice a year (spring and fall), if it’s an indoor cat.
Vermiphyto Ultra Premium Direct

Vermiphyto, a natural vermifuge to discover!

Heal with plants is the big trend of the moment! The brand Ultra Premium Direct has released its natural deworming tablet for the cat and the dog.


  • Garlic
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Thyme
  • Elecampane
  • Clove

This natural vermifuge will cleanse the digestive system and block the development of internal parasites without eliminating the cat’s intestinal flora. It will promote better digestion, good assimilation of nutrients but also strengthen the immune system.

Vermiphyto is not recommended for kittens under 4 months and for pregnant and lactating females.

You have to make a 7 day cure (to be done 3 to 4 times a year) with 1 tablet per day. This one is a little big…if your cat is picky feel free to crush the tablet and knead the powder into some treat dough. If he still doesn’t take it, put the mixture on his paws or on the corner of his mouth!

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