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Following thehe awareness campaign “The spring of feline hypertension” set up by the laboratory CEVA Animal HealthI decided to tell you about feline hypertension because a few years ago, my cat was affected by this disease discovered at the age of 17.

Feline hypertension: the silent killer in cats

Cat hypertension infographic
Infographic Ceva Animal Health

One in six cats over the age of 7 may be affected. If the cat suffers from chronic kidney disease or a hyperthyroidismthe risk is even higher: one in three cats can suffer from high blood pressure.

My cat suffered from chronic kidney failure. She had lost her sight due to her high blood pressure and had ended up having some kind of convulsions. hypertension causes serious injuries on eyes, kidneys, heart and brain.

Regarding the eyes, high blood pressure in the blood vessels of the eye can cause retinal hemorrhage and this can take off resulting in total loss of vision. A diet that is too salty may promote the onset of high blood pressure.

Testing in cats

Diagnosis is easy, quick and painless thanks to a blood pressure measurement by the veterinarian. It is recommended to carry out this medical examination in cats from 7 years. There is a veterinary treatment to lower blood pressure.

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