Feliway Help! soothes the stressed cat thanks to pheromones

The kit Feliway Help! is brand new. Very practical, it helps to soothe the stressed cat at the time of occasional situations through the dissemination of pheromones. Discover this new Feliway diffuser to soothe your pet’s stress!

Feliway Help!

Feliway Help!, pheromones to soothe stressed cats

Feliway Help! consists of a diffuser and a cartridge. AT connect directly to the mains, this new way of broadcasting pheromones is ideal for calming a stressed cat during specific situations such as a weekend departure, a party at home, a decorative change, a stay at the veterinarian… Feliway Help! attenuate them signs of stress (scratches, urine markings).

I bought it to appease Oliver because Pixel loves it. chase. So, I placed Feliway Help! in my room and a pheromone diffuser Feliway Optimum in the living room. All this complex works very well, Oliver is more extroverted, plays and Pixel even licks Oliver’s ears…

How to operate Feliway Help! ?

Very easy to use, Feliway Help! offers 7 days of broadcasting. It contains natural markers, pheromones that reassure the stressed cat. Just remove the tab from the cartridge and insert it into the diffuser… and you’re done! All you have to do is plug it into the mains.

Free cartridge: fill out the form for 7 days of free use!

The Feliway brand offers to receive a free cartridge in order to renew the effect of the pheromones for an additional 7 days. Simply fill out the form with all the information requested.

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