Happy Easter ! Chocolate is toxic to cats

Easter necessarily rhymes with chocolate, but beware ! This should not be consumed by an animal. Indeed, the chocolate is very toxicbecause of that cocoa concentration. Dark chocolate is the most toxic compared to milk chocolate and white chocolate.

chocolate cat easter

Why is chocolate toxic for my cat?

Theobromine is a powerful ingredient in cocoa. It is an alkaloid which also includes caffeine. The elimination of this substance is much slower in animals.

Ingestion of chocolate: what symptoms for my cat?

Signs of poisoning can happen a few hours after ingesting the chocolate. The pet owner can observe vomiting, tremors, increased thirst. A change in behavior should alert you! In the most severe cases, the cat may have heart problems and fall into the coma. It is important to point out that taking chocolate can cause the death of the animal.

What should I do if my cat is poisoned?

You must first estimate what your pet may have eaten, that is to say, the amount of chocolate ingested. Then, you will have to immediately call your veterinary who will take care of your cat. Are you saying that chocolate is a real poison. It’s a veterinary emergency. The goal will be to eliminate the toxic substance from the animal’s body.

How can I avoid poisoning my cat with chocolate?

It is rare that the cat is attracted by chocolate… It is generally the favorite delicacy of the dog! But there are cats that love chocolate! So, to avoid a disaster, it is best to store the chocolate in the refrigerator or in a well-closed cupboard.

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