Holidays with your cat: how to limit your stress in the car?

Go on holidays with your cat, it’s an excellent idea but it requires organization. Whether at the sea, in the mountains, in town or in the countryside, you will have to make a minimum of car journey to reach your destination.

But how to ensure security demon cat in car ? Are there any solutions to avoid stress? I tell you everything to have a good holiday with your cat!

Holidays with your cat: the choice of the transport box

cat carrier

The cat should be placed in a transport container to ensure his safety during the car ride. It must be enough big so that the cat can turn around and lie down… but not too big to prevent him from slipping inside. Prefer a transport box with many vents on the sides to allow air to circulate. It must be equipped with a passage to allow attachment to the seatbelt.

Some high-end transport cases are equipped with integrated bowls (food and water) so that the cat can have everything available if he gets a little peckish (especially for cats who are very comfortable in the car).

Car trip with your cat: remember to take breaks!

For the well-being of the cat and because it is essential for the occupants of the vehicle… it is advisable to make breaks every two hours. Try to find a quiet place where the cat won’t be too stressed. If he wants to stretch his legs, don’t hesitate to take him out with a harness and an leave alone. Take advantage of this time to offer him some water to ensure that he is hydrated.

Normally, the cat will not want to relieve itself during the journey. However, there is a travel litter. In cardboard or fabric with compostable litter, this portable litter is very useful when travelling.

Holidays with your cat: natural solutions to limit stress

It is not uncommon to hear a cat meow, see it drool, urinate or even defecate in its transport crate. This situation of discomfort is triggered by the stress of the car: noise, speed… There are natural solutions to appease the cat in car. First of all, 15 minutes before integrating the cat into the transport crate, you can spray Feliway Classic Spray inside. THE pheromones reassure the cat in a stressful situation.

The administration of a natural medicine can also reduce stress during the journey. The complementary food Zylkene is effective for fearful cat. It is made from a milk protein present in mother’s milk.

Other car precautions

On the road, I advise you not to turn on the car radio. Music accentuates anxiety in the cat because it can perceive very high-pitched sounds and make it uncomfortable. You can run the air conditioning as long as you don’t pulsate it too much so as not to affect the cat’s airways.

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