How to take care of your cat during a heat wave?

THE cat is known to have quite good resistance in the heat… He refreshes himself by grooming his coat. The evaporation of the saliva refreshes it immediately! He evacuates his sweat panting but also by the pads thanks to sweat glands. But how to take care of your cat in times of heat wave ?

heat wave cat

My cat and the heat wave: 5 precautions to take!

  1. Change the water in the bowl regularly. But beware, never ice water!
  2. Choose a wet food because it is rich in water to guarantee good hydration of the cat during heat waves.
  3. Don’t let your cat in your garden in broad daylight. Put him inside, and if he starts to open his mouth, immediately give him water, put him in a quiet roomif possible on tiled floors and in a cool place. You can also put a little fresh water on its head, neck and legs.
  4. If you’re on vacation with your cat, don’t leave it never lock up in a car, a caravan and a tent.
  5. Born never force your cat to stand in front of a fan or air conditioner.

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