Hypoallergenic cat food: the benefits of insect protein

Feeding your cat well is not an easy thing. And for good reason ! There are a multitude of dry and wet foods. Know that it is important to take into account the physiology of the cat in order to cover all its nutritional needs. In recent years, a new food has conquered the petfood market: the hypoallergenic cat food with some insect proteins.

Hypoallergenic cat food

Hypoallergenic cat food: focus on insect proteins

Insect food is a solution ecological since the production of black soldier fly larvae saves resources, thus preserving the environment.

Insects in pet food

THE larvae feed on vegetable waste and do not produce methane (no greenhouse gases). These insects never get sick, so they don’t need antibiotics. There is also no need to use pesticides! They are not necessary for the reproduction of insects.

4 Benefits of Hypoallergenic Cat Food

  1. Insect proteins are digestible. This hypoallergenic food is ideal for a sensitive cat which does not support other sources of animal protein.
  2. The insect protein food contains all the nutrients necessary for the good health of the cat.
  3. Insect proteins contain omega-3 fatty acids. This supplement is ideal if the cat suffers from a food allergy. It also helps to strengthen the cat’s immune system, reduce joint pain and promote a beautiful coat.
  4. Hypoallergenic food limits the risk of an allergic reaction in the animal. Especially if he suffers from Food intolerance with digestive problems (vomiting and diarrhoea) and/or skin problems (itching, licking sores).

Be aware that canids can also feast on hypoallergenic dog food ! Do not hesitate to talk to a veterinarian, especially if your pet suffers from digestive and/or skin disorders.

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