international cat day

On August 8, we will celebrate the international cat day ! This special day is a unique opportunity to spend (even more) time with your cat. It is also a great opportunity to raise awareness about the protection of felines, to promote the adoption of abandoned cats or to support animal associations dedicated to the protection and well-being of cats.

international cat day

International Cat Day: the celebration of the feline!

On August 8, we celebrate the cat! Even if it is pampered every day of the year, this special day allows us to share all the love we have for this feline ! Social networks are powerful media that make it possible to highlight the man-cat complicity.

If you are on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, do not hesitate to post a photo or video of your cat with the hashtag #journeeinternationaleduchat

A list of games to entertain your cat

  1. The fishing rod : an ideal game for a real hunting party!
  2. The ball : whether in wool, aluminum foil or plastic, it amuses the cat a lot. A toy to stimulate him mentally and physically.
  3. The interactive toy : it has a fun mechanism that triggers on its own or when the cat passes by to encourage it to play.
  4. The fluff : perfect to offer a moment of sweetness to the cat. Often garnished with catmint, it offers a moment of bliss.
  5. The cat tree : this essential accessory allows the cat to play, scratch, rest and observe its territory. An essential must have!

international black cat day

August 17 is dedicated to the celebration of the international black cat day… a special date that highlights all the qualities of the black cat who is the least adopted in shelters. You go adopt a cat black ? Discover 10 names for a black cat: Salem, BlackPearl, Felix, Figaro, Oreo, Cacao, Noiraud, Shadow, Zorro, R├ęglisse.

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