Lily of the valley, a dangerous plant for your cat!

It’s a very old custom… On May 1st, Labor Day, the French treat themselves to a few sprigs of Lily of the valley. We celebrate spring with this pretty plant with a fragrant bell which would also be a lucky charm. However, this plant contains toxic substances for your cat.

Lily of the Valley is toxic to cats

Why is lily of the valley toxic for my cat?

All parts of the plant are poisonous. That’s to say, fresh lily of the valley : the bells, the sprigs and the water of the vase. THE Lily of the valley also remains toxic when it is faded. Intoxication is therefore caused by ingestion. The lily of the valley contains irritants and can cause heart problems including a slow heart rate (bradycardia).

Ingestion of thrush by my cat: what are the symptoms?

THE symptoms should be taken very seriously by the pet owner. They can happen only a few minutes after ingestion. The cat can to vomithave diarrhea (digestive disorders) He may have seizures even a coma.

What should I do if my cat is poisoned?

It’s about a veterinary emergency ! Your cat should be taken to a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

How to avoid poisoning?

Lily of the valley should be kept in a place where the animal does not have access. You can put thrush outside: on the balcony or the terrace. This solution is useful if the animal does not come out. Or else, in a room in the house where the cat does not have access. Remember to lock the door securely, especially if you have a cat like me who knows how to open doors! Finally, the last solution if your cat is stubborn! No thrush at home 🙂

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