List of cat names based on coat color

Are you going to adopt a cat with a black, red, tortoiseshell or white coat? I help you choose your future first name depends on coat color !

My List of Cat Names Based on Coat Color

Ginger cat
Pixou, my ginger cat!

Normally, we look at the letter of the year of LOOF to find a name for the new little ball of fur. Except that there are alternatives… I mainly work on impulse! I like to give a first name in relation to the personality of the cat or even in relation to its coat.

Names for a black cat

name for a black cat
Black cat

You go adopt a cat black ? Discover several names for one black cat : Salem, BlackPearl, Felix, Figaro, Oreo, Cacao, Noiraud, Shadow, Zorro, Réglisse, Onyx, Carbone. The gene responsible for the black color is gene B (black), whether dominant or recessive.

Names for a Ginger Cat

name for a ginger cat
Ginger cat

You know my passion for ginger cats 😁 So here is my selection of names for a ginger cat: Azraël, Caramel, Oliver, Pixel, Rouxy, Curry, Garfield, Thomas, O’Malley, Toulouse, Occitan, Ambre, Cacahouète, Honey, Jupiter, Fox, Ginger, Pumpkin .

The O (orange) gene is responsible for the red color. Know that 80% of ginger cats are male! Red females are therefore rare. Indeed, everything is explained… The male has an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. If the O gene attaches to the X chromosome, he takes on a red hair. Concerning the female, it is a little more complicated since it is necessary that the O gene attaches to the two X chromosomes!

Names for a tortoiseshell cat

Name for a tortoiseshell cat
tortoiseshell cat

The coat of tortoiseshell cat Or tortie contains a mixture of two colors, black and red. If it has a bit of white, the cat is an Isabella. The black gene and the red gene can only land on the X chromosomes. This is why a tortoiseshell cat is 99.9% female! Discover some names to give it: Calico, Isabelle, Automne, Buttercup, Potiron, Calypso, Clémentine, Fleur, Cléopâtre.

Names for a white cat

name for a white cat
White cat

The cat at white coat has the W (white) gene. The immaculate white color is due to a concentration of melanin, a pigment produced by melanocytes. THE White cat blue-eyed is very often deaf. It also has skin sensitivity to sunlight. Here are some names to give for a cat with a white coat: Marie, Olaf, Neige, Ivoire, Flocon, Coconut, Bounty, Milky, Nougat, Winter, Guimauve.

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