Take your cat out safely, how to do it?

A cat is a territorial, independent and very curious animal! before leaving take your cat outit is necessary to take all the precautions necessary to ensure his safety in the garden. Discover 5 useful tips but also some recommendations to watch over the health of the cat!

Taking your cat out: 5 tips to ensure its safety in the garden

GPS collar for cats

Have your cat identified with an electronic chip

Identifying the cat is essential before letting it out. There microchip is convenient if cat East lost. If he is found by a third person, he just needs to be taken to a veterinarian in order to be able to read the data from the electronic chip (surname, first name, postal address, telephone number, email address).

Take your cat out in a harness

If the cat has not been accustomed to outdoor walks, it should be walked in harness and leaves so that he gains confidence in himself. This equipment ensures his safety if he is stressed. At first, taking your cat out on a leash is highly recommended!

Equip your cat with a GPS collar

gps collar for cats

In order to follow all his movements, you can equip him with a gps collar for cats. Just slip the GPS tracker into the cat’s collar. Thanks to the application, you will have access to its location in real time.

It is also possible to create a virtual fence to define a secure area in the garden. If the cat crosses this invisible barrier, you receive an alert on your smartphone thanks to the application.

Securing the garden

It is important to facilitate access to the garden. The outdoor area should be free of hazards surrounding. Therefore, it is advisable not to have poisonous plants and not to leave garden tools on the ground. Securing the pool is also necessary with a barrier and a solid cover.

Teach your cat to come back

Remembering your cat is necessary. Start by taking him out for a few minutes a day (at the quietest times of the day). Then, increase the time of the ride as you go. Do not hesitate to call back the cat as often as possible so that he gets used to this routine.

Let your cat out: watch over its health!

Let your cat out in the garden

The health of the cat is paramount. This must be treated monthly with a pest control (fleas, ticks and mosquitoes). He must also benefit from taking a vermifuge (roundworms and flatworms) at each change of season. Remember also to respect the protocol of vaccination !

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