The black cat: what are the superstitions on Halloween?

It’s as old as the world… the stories about the black cat are popular especially during Halloween. Moreover, we celebrate it on August 17 on the occasion of the international black cat day ! But do you know how it all started?

Halloween black cat

The black cat in the Middle Ages, a supernatural reputation!

This is a dark time for the black cat. It was during this period of history that the black cat almost completely disappeared! A reputation supernaturalthis one is singled out by the Christian church. But why ?

At that time, the color of his coat did not bring him luck. Black being associated with darkness but also with witchcraft. He is described as the companion of the witches therefore of the Devil. Everyone who met a black cat wondered if it was just a cat or a witch who came to cast a spell on them.. The howls of cats in heat led residents to believe that cats were learning rituals of black magic.

Witchcraft was the only plausible answer to all the news items… Black cats are burned, drowned or thrown from the top of houses except those with a white mark under their neck, a sign of purity.

Adopting a black cat on Halloween is saving a life!

Fortunately, we no longer live in the old way… and mores have changed. It’s time to break some clich├ęs and give all the black cats in shelters a chance. And know that unfortunately, there are too many of them… Still too many prejudices and mistrust revolve around this beautiful cat with black coat. So, it’s time to adopt them!

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