The Librarian’s Cat, Deadly Success: Volume 1 by Miranda James

During the summer holidaysI read the Book The Librarian’s Cat, deadly success of Miranda James. This title from J’ai Lu editions is volume 1 of a series of 3 books (for the moment). And as I loved my reading… I tell you about it on the blog because there is a cat in it!

The Librarian's Cat Deadly Hit

The Librarian’s Cat, Deadly Hit

I can’t resist novels in which there are cats. remember the book The cat that fell right over or Behind the door of the cat cafe ! So, I immersed myself in this 320-page read:

“In Athena, Mississippi, Charlie Harris spends peaceful days in the company of Diesel, his faithful Maine Coon, a real darling of the city. For the librarian, the presence of the feline is a source of happiness, just like that of the students at who offers room and board in his charming home. However, beneath her tranquil demeanor, Athena conceals a thousand and one secrets that are about to be revealed when Godfrey Priest is found inert in his hotel room. The famous author of thrillers, a local child, came to attend a gala dinner in his honor. For sure, the criminal is a local resident… If the investigation is officially entrusted to the sheriff’s office, Charlie and his four-legged companion launch incognito in their own research…”

Volume 1 was great! I loved the complicity between the master and his cat. The feline is endowed with exceptional intelligence and empathy. The characters are varied and the plot thrilling. I can’t wait to read the other titles. A must have for cat lover (and reading cozy crime).

A former librarian hides behind this novel for cat lovers!

Although the book bears the name of Miranda James… the novel The Librarian’s Cat was not written by an author but by an author, Dean James. A former librarian, he now devotes himself to writing novels.

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