The Librarian’s Cat, Fatal Inventory: Volume 2 by Miranda James

Right now I’m reading The Librarian’s Cat, Fatal Inventory. This is book 2 by Miranda James. Remember, last year, I introduced you to the volume 1. I liked it a lot, so I continue my reading with new adventures.

The Fatal Inventory Librarian's Cat

The Librarian’s Cat, Fatal Inventory

As you know, I love them. novels with cats. This series of books totally meets my reading needs. In this second part, we still stay in Athena, but we switch to a completely different story where the main character (Charlie Harris) must catalog a collection of old books belonging to James Delacorte. Except, he has to do it in a mansion that belongs to a completely deranged family. And, there are bound to be murders to be solved with the faithful maine coon Diesel.

I urge you to read this series of cozy mystery books. I’m happy to have found light stories, where there is still a real investigation on the part of the characters. I follow them with great pleasure and do not see the time passing during my reading break. And I can’t wait to move on to volume 3! The books have gone to pocket format, ultra practical for the holidays which are fast approaching!

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