The purring of the cat: meanings and benefits

A master loves to hear his cat purr. THE cat purr has several meanings: the feline can express satisfaction, stress or discomfort. Discover the origin of purring in cats but also the benefits on the human body!

cat purr

The purring of the cat, all to know!

The purring of the cat comes from the rapid contraction of the muscles of the larynx. The membranes behind the vocal cords vibrate and cause purring.

You should know that the kitten purrs at birth. It’s his first learning since he got used to his mother’s purrs to find his way.

The adult cat purrs to express its satisfaction (caresses, treats), a stress when encountering a disturbing situation or discomfort (an underlying disease, pain). Be aware that the cat may purr if it is sick ! It is a way for him to reassure himself, to comfort himself or even to heal himself.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian for a health check, especially if there are other symptoms and / or a change in behavior.

Purr therapy: the benefits of purring on the human body

Ecost the purring of a cat is a great way to soothe both body and mind. Indeed, these soft sounds diminish the stress in humans. Thanks to vibration low frequencies (20 to 50 hertz), they reduce the cardiac frequency, there arterial pressure and contributes to the reduction of problems cardiovascular.

Purring therapy: step by step

  1. Turn off the television and the smartphone in order to be 100% zen.

  2. Dim the brightness for a cocooning moment.

  3. Sit on the couch with your cat on your lap.

  4. Pet your cat and listen to its purr.

  5. Breathe calmly and relax!

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