The quarter of an hour of madness in the cat, does it exist?

THE quarter of an hour of madness in the cat means hyperactive behavior. The cat is agitated, starts running in all the rooms of the house, jumps and climbs on the furniture. This behavior is of short duration, on average 15 minutes!

quarter of an hour cat madness

Quarter of an hour of madness: which cat is concerned?

This behavior is common in cats, especially in young cats and the indoor cats who have energy to spare. The quarter of an hour of madness is triggered by theboredom and an overload of energy accumulated during the day. It is important to know that this behavior is completely normal.

A feline needs to exercise mentally and physically for its well-being (and its health = maintaining a healthy weight). Therefore, it is advisable to offer him various stimuli to help him channel his energy. Do not hesitate to play with her cat using a fishing rod, offer him an interactive toy, stuffed animals with catnip to wake up your hunting instinctbullets to chase…

Hyperactive cat: it becomes aggressive!

If the cat manifests a quarter of an hour of madness several times a day with aggressive behavior, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian and one feline behaviorist. The practitioner will be able to check all the health parameters. The cat behavior specialist will provide advice on how to meet the animal’s needs.

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