The Ultra Premium Direct x Noholita Christmas box

Like every year, the Ultra Premium Direct brand releases its cat christmas box. This gift box was designed in collaboration with influencer Noholita. Discover the unboxing which contains products for my cats… and a beauty product for me!

Ultra Premium Direct x Noholita Christmas Unboxing

Christmas cat box

This is a nice discovery for the end of the year celebrations. AT the interior of the Direct x Noholita Ultra Premium Christmas Box, there is wet and dry food, treats but also toys (including a Homycat plush). There is also a tote bag and a sticker. But the big surprise is to have been able to find a little attention to make me happy 😍 This is the Voilà Beauté day cream with orange blossom.

This special end-of-year party box can be purchased on the website (5€ with the code OLILULUPIX) or at the store.

The gift box, a must have for my cats!

After discovering all the products of the christmas boxesmy cats love to “share” the cardboard. I think it can be counted as another toy 😅 But do you know why the cat likes boxes so much?

  • To feel safe 🙏
  • be warm 🔥
  • Make your claws 🐾
  • Fight against stress 😨
  • Ideal hiding place 👀

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