The Zoofari cooling mat from Lidl

I bought different cooling mats for my animals: to soak, to put in the freezer… Without great results. Last month, the Lidl brand released several products for cats and dogs. And I jumped at the chance to take the cooling mat with gel.

Zoofari Lidl Cooling Mat

The Zoofari Lidl cooling mat

I bought two cooling mats (50 x 90 cm): 1 for my cats and 1 for my dog. The carpet to a contact cooling effect with the animal’s body for several hours. It works without cooling, without electricity and without adding water. It can be placed directly on the ground or on a bed.

Why install a cooling mat for your cat?

The cooling mat is useful to fight against heat stroke. This generally occurs in summer during heat waves.

Zoofari Lidl Cooling Mat

There body temperature of a cat should be between 38 and 39°C. Above this temperature, the cat suffers from hyperthermia. We can observe different clinical signs: the cat is panting, breathing quickly and it is dehydrated. It is important that the cat is in a cool room. If in doubt, consult a veterinarian.

Did you rock it?

The cat licks itself and deposits a maximum of saliva on its coat. The evaporation of this refreshes it immediately.

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