Veepee organizes a digital collection for the benefit of animal shelters

The website of Veepee private sales organizes for the fourth consecutive year, the “animal lovers valentines day“for the benefit of animal shelters independent.

animal valentine

Animal Lovers’ Valentine’s Day: How It Works ?

Thanks to the generosity of Veepee members, 80,000 products and more than 300 tons of straw and hay have been collected in recent years for the benefit of thousands of animals.

  • Opening of the sale on 14 February 2022 at 7a.m. to February 17 6 ​​a.m. on Veepee.

  • THE members connect to the site, select the products in the dedicated sale and validate their baskets.

  • THE products ordered by members will be redistributed to animal shelters and the profits sales behave fully dreamsed by Veepee.

What are the partner brands of the event?

THE partner brands :Martin Sellier, Mars Petcare, Purina, Vitakraft, GAEC La Morante and Dynavena renew their presence alongside Veepee for the event.

The animal shelters selected for the solidarity operation

The associationwe The Other Farm, the shelter AVATHE Little Phoenix Shrinethere Foundationn Brigitte Bardot and of snout snout. These associations are selected for their expertise and the quality of their approach.

Photo credit Veepee.

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