world pet abandonment day

On Saturday June 24, 2023, the world day against animal abandonment of company. This date was not chosen by chance: it is the last weekend of June with the start of the summer holidays which are conducive to the abandonment of pets!

world pet abandonment day

world pet abandonment day

A day of fight against abandonment to mobilize all together, denounce this annual scourge, seducate individuals about responsible adoption and act by signing the charter of the responsible teacher and helping animal shelters.

Stop pet abandonment!

The purpose of this world day against the abandonment of pets is to alert and sensitize the general public. Indeed, you should know that 100,000 dogs and cats are abandoned by their masters!

So step up and say STOP AT ABANDONMENT!

Initiatives planned for the whole month of June

  • A treasure hunt June 24 and 25 in Paris: solve a series of puzzles, discover an adoption path and help the (fictional) dog in the story find a new home.
  • There kibble market : a solidarity walk where everyone can commit to walking 2, 5, 10, or 20 km to provide meals to animals.
  • THE collection places in Paris, Bordeaux and Nice to help animal associations.

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